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“He has revealed Himself to be a father to the fatherless.” – Calvin Henderson

“My heart goes out to the youth…so I pray” – Dusty Batten

                      Prayer Team Volunteer ‘I pray.’ God is our hope, refuge, strength and deliverer and He is mighty to save.  These characteristics of God… Continue reading

“…I felt a tugging on my heart…” – Jessica Wilson

                  Saturday Clubs Volunteer ‘…I felt a tugging on my heart…’ “During the summer of 2013, Joshua Roulhac invited me to an end-of-year rally for… Continue reading

“But then once I was there, I didn’t want to leave” – Jean Williams

         Saturday Clubs and Prayer Volunteer ‘…the Lord was leading me to pray…’ In 2007, it seemed the Lord was leading me to pray for the Father’s love to be… Continue reading

“One thing I gained is meeting friends that are encouraging and really love the Lord” – David Tseng