“…I felt a tugging on my heart…” – Jessica Wilson

                  Saturday Clubs Volunteer

‘…I felt a tugging on my heart…’

“During the summer of 2013, Joshua Roulhac invited me to an end-of-year rally for Clubs In The City. I remember pulling up to Mt. Sinai feeling so out of place. When I left, however, I felt this tugging on my heart to return. I was terrified, but I knew my feelings were in rebellion to the Lord’s challenging and loving approach to shape me into the daughter he called me to be — one who wasn’t afraid to be vulnerable or mess up while telling others about Him. What did that look like? What if these kids don’t like me?”

‘I’ve been challenged tremendously…’

“Fast-forward to today, and the Lord continues to equip our team as we do life with our youth and help them nurture their talents.  He has allowed us to create a safe and fun environment that is filled with love. I have been challenged tremendously as I reflect on the gospel, and I have also gained relationship-building skills as I work to build with our youth. I have learned so much by watching them interact with their neighbors and respond to the world’s demands. Their willingness to be vulnerable and authentic has challenged me to do the same in my life.”